Tar Wars

Tar Wars offers a critical inside look at how leading image-makers negotiate escalating tensions between continuous economic growth mandated by a globalized economic system and its unsustainable environmental costs. As place branding assumes paramount importance in an increasingly global, visual, and ecologically conscious society, an international battle unfolds over Alberta’s bituminous sands. This battle pits independent documentary filmmakers against professional communicators employed by government and the oil industry. Tar Wars engages scholars and students in communications, film, environmental studies, social psychology, PR, media and cultural studies, and petrocultures. This book also speaks to decision makers, activists, and citizens exploring intersections of energy, environment, culture, politics, economy, media and power.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Epigraph 8
Contents 10
Acknowledgements 12
1 The Problem of the Sands 14
2 Four Foundational Principles 30
3 Images and Frames of Alberta 42
4 Positioning and Contesting Alberta 56
5 Visually Redefining Alberta 140
6 Implications 162
Notes 180
References 206
Index 238
About the Author 256
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